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0,1 Rhodamine B80 (Dye) - CI 45100 (KG)

Product code: DYE-18-100g
Price Units Price/Unit
100g 6,95 £ 0,1 69,50 £/KG
500g 25,00 £ ½ 50,00 £/KG
1kg 45,00 £ 1 45,00 £/KG
5kg 190,00 £ 5 38,00 £/KG

Rhodamine B80, also known as Dye CI 45100, is a synthetic organic dye commonly used in various applications, primarily in the fields of chemistry and biology. This dye belongs to the rhodamine family of dyes and is known for its vibrant pink to red color. Its intense fluorescent properties make it valuable in scientific research and practical applications. 

Due to its versatility and striking color properties, Rhodamine B80 finds wide-ranging applications in scientific research, industry, and everyday products, contributing to advancements in fields like biology, chemistry, and materials science.

Origin India
Net weight 1Kg /KG
Shipping weight 0,1Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Barcode 5056422988223
Materials / Ingredients