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0.1 Black Iron Oxide (Mineral Pigment) - CI 77499 (KG)

Product code: DYE-04-100g
Price Units Price/Unit
100g £2.25 0.1 £22.50/KG
500g £7.95 ½ £15.90/KG
1kg £12.95 1 £12.95/KG
5kg £55.00 5 £11.00/KG

Black Iron Oxide (Mineral Pigment) - CI 77499 is a dark, inorganic pigment derived from iron ore. It is commonly used in the cosmetic and personal care industry as a coloring agent, known for its deep black hue. 

This mineral pigment is well-suited for various applications, such as eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and nail polishes, to create intense and long-lasting black or dark gray shades. Its stability, non-toxic nature, and excellent color consistency make it a popular choice in the formulation of beauty products. Additionally, black iron oxide can be employed in art, ceramics, and other industrial applications for its robust coloring properties.

Origin China
Net weight 1Kg /KG
Shipping weight 0.1Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Barcode 5056422989480
Materials / Ingredients