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0,1 Titanium Dioxide (Mineral Pigment) - CI 77891 (KG)

Product code: DYE-01-100g
Price Units Price/Unit
100g 2,25 £ 0,1 22,50 £/KG
500g 7,95 £ ½ 15,90 £/KG
1kg 12,95 £ 1 12,95 £/KG
5kg 55,00 £ 5 11,00 £/KG

Titanium Dioxide (Mineral Pigment) - CI 77891 is a naturally occurring, inorganic white pigment that is commonly used in a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, paints, coatings, and food products. It is recognized for its excellent opacifying and light-scattering properties, making it an essential ingredient in various products.

In cosmetics, Titanium Dioxide is often used as a colorant and sunscreen agent. It provides a bright, white color and offers protection against harmful UV radiation, making it a common ingredient in sunscreens, foundations, and other skincare products.

Overall, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) is a versatile and widely used mineral pigment valued for its ability to impart brightness, opacity, and protection in various products across different industries.

Origin India
Net weight 1Kg /KG
Shipping weight 0,1Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Barcode 5056422988643
Materials / Ingredients