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White Label Gemstone Bath Bombs

Gemstone Bath Bombs - White Label

Explore our exquisite collection of bath bombs featuring gemstones, where luxury meets enchantment. Let your customers immerse in a world of indulgence as our meticulously handcrafted bath bombs dissolve in bathwater, unveiling hidden gemstones that add an element of magic and allure to bathing experience. Your customers can be prepared to be captivated by the synergy of relaxation, aromatherapy, and the beauty of gemstones, as our bath bombs create a truly transformative retreat. 

Choose from delightful scents infused with gemstone properties

- White, Blue - Raspberry + Pomegranate     - White, Red - Very Berry 

- White, Purple - Extreme Fragrance Oil        - White, Gold - Mistress Fragrance Oil

Each bath bomb has a surprise gemstone hidden inside, we pack them in trays of 16 with 16 booklets (image on the right) so your customers can see what their gemstone means and also give the incentive to buy more!

Made with added foaming solution and glitter to create the best bathing experience!

Please note: weight of the bath bombs vary : 190g-220g.

Let your customers experience the ultimate indulgence and embrace the magic of our gemstone bath bombs, order now.

Raspberry + Pomegranate

16x White & Blue Gemstone Bath Bomb - White Label
RRP : £4.75/Piece
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16x White & Purple Gemstone Bath Bomb - White Label
RRP : £4.75/Piece
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Very Berry

16x White & Red Gemstone Bath Bomb - White Label
RRP : £4.75/Piece
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16x White & Gold Gemstone Bath Bomb - White Label
RRP : £4.75/Piece
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Bath Bombs with Gemstones
White Label Gemstone Bath Bombs

Explore qualities of our exceptional line of bath bombs, meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom.

Let your customers transform their bathing experience into a luxurious and rejuvenating retreat. They can immerse in a symphony of fragrances, vibrant colors, and skin-loving ingredients, as our private label bath bombs can infuse their bathwater with enchanting aromas and nourishing properties, leaving their skin feeling silky smooth and their senses revitalized.

What are Private Label Gemstone Bath Bomb?

It is a high-quality bath product that has been designed to provide users with a unique and luxurious experience. This product is created with a blend of natural and organic ingredients, infused with a variety of gemstones that have been carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties. These bath bombs are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind after a long day, or for those who want to enhance their self-care routine with a luxurious bath experience.

The gemstones used in Private Label Gemstone Bath Bomb are carefully chosen for their individual properties. Each gemstone has its own unique energy, and these energies are believed to have a positive effect on the mind, body, and soul. For example, amethyst is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief, while rose quartz is thought to promote self-love and harmony. When the bath bomb is dissolved in water, the gemstones infuse the water with their unique energies, creating a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for the user. Gemstone bath bomb manufacturer is located in Sheffield, England.

Packaging and Branding: Private Label Gemstone Bath Bomb

The packaging and branding of Private Label Gemstone Bath Bomb can be carefully crafted to reflect the luxurious and indulgent nature of the product you want to achieve.. The packaging can be designed to be visually appealing and to showcase the gemstone-infused bath bomb, while the your branding can conveys the quality and uniqueness of product. This solution is for customers who want a more premium packaging option, 

AW Aromatics as leading White Label Gemstone Bath Bomb manufacturer also offers a range of a clear, plastic box with a gold or silver ribbon. This option is perfect for gift giving or for customers who want to create or provide their customers a luxurious spa experience at home. Our regular box is sturdy and protects the bath bomb from damage. This packaging is ideal for repacking according to your desired box featuring the ribbon tha can adds an elegant touch to the overall presentation of your product.

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