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Grapeseed Carrier Oil - Cold Pressed

Product code: BOKG-01
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Cold Pressed Grapeseed Carrier Oil 

Botanical Name:  Vitis Vinifera

Color and Smell:  Its color ranges from clear to yellow to light green. Light. Slightly Nutty and Sweet.

Texture: Grapeseed oil has satin-like texture.

Shelf Life:  up to 1 year

Our wholesale Grapeseed Oil is commonly used in aromatherapy as it is a fairly all-purpose oil and can be used in a wide array of applications ranging from massage to skin care.

Contains more Vitamin E than olive oil, glavonoids like oligomeric procyanidin, inolenic acid, Oleic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 9 fatty acids, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.

With its thin consistency, grapeseed oil is an amazingly light-weight moisturizer. It is lighter than coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Used as a moisturizer for fine hair. Few drops can be applied on hair strands before shampoo. Grapeseed oil is high in Vitamin C and therefore has skin lightening properties. Also reduces spider veins.

Grapeseed oil is good for anti-aging. It helps restore collagen because of it contains OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins).

Origin Spain
Net weight 1Kg /Litre
Shipping weight 1Kg
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Barcode 5056422988162
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Materials / Ingredients