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6x 100ml Room Spray - Nag Champa - White Label

Product code: AWRSUL-10

Introducing our 100ml White Label Room Spray infused with the captivating Nag Champa fragrance, carefully crafted in the heart of Sheffield. Embrace the soothing and mystical essence of Nag Champa as it effortlessly revitalizes any space.

Encased in sleek and durable aluminum bottles, each pack contains six 100ml room sprays, meticulously designed to offer a premium olfactory experience. With no labels attached, these room sprays provide you with the canvas to showcase your brand identity, allowing for seamless customization to align with your unique vision.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Nag Champa, renowned for its calming and spiritual properties. Whether used in homes, offices, or wellness spaces, our white label room sprays serve as the perfect accessory to transform any environment into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight /Piece
Shipping weight 0Kg
Materials / Ingredients
UFI N941-10KU-C008-QSA8
Barcode 5056422992695
Materials / Ingredients