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6x 100ml Room Spray - Baby Powder - White Label

Product code: AWRSUL-11

Introducing our 100ml White Label Room Spray infused with the comforting scent of Baby Powder. Crafted in Sheffield, each bottle is a testament to quality and care, offering a nostalgic fragrance that evokes warmth and freshness.

Encased in sleek 100ml aluminum bottles, our room sprays come without labels, providing a blank canvas for your brand to shine. Sold conveniently in packs of 6, these versatile sprays allow you to personalize each one with your unique branding, making them the perfect addition to your product line.

Embrace the gentle and soothing aroma of Baby Powder, known for its soft and subtle notes that effortlessly transform any space into a cozy haven. Whether for personal use, gifting, or enhancing your brand offerings, our white label room sprays offer a delightful sensory experience that lingers long after each spritz.

Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with our 100ml White Label Room Spray—where quality, customization, and the timeless allure of Baby Powder fragrance unite to create an inviting ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight /Piece
Shipping weight 0Kg
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UFI CD41-J097-N00S-C3WA
Barcode 5056422992701
Materials / Ingredients