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6x 100ml Room Spray - Citronella - White Label

Product code: AWRSUL-09

Introducing our 100ml White Label Room Spray with the refreshing aroma of Citronella! Crafted in Sheffield, these premium room sprays are meticulously created to bring a burst of invigorating fragrance to any space.

Encased in sleek aluminum bottles, each pack contains 6 100ml room sprays. What sets these apart is the opportunity for customization - these sprays come without labels, allowing you to effortlessly add your own branding or logo for a personalized touch.

The Citronella fragrance offers a delightful blend that not only freshens the air but also carries natural properties known for their ability to repel insects. Whether it's in homes, offices, or other spaces, these room sprays are the perfect addition to create a pleasant ambiance while serving a functional purpose.

Enjoy the convenience of a product that's been expertly crafted with attention to quality and detail. Elevate your brand by offering a unique aromatic experience with our 100ml White Label Room Spray featuring the crisp and revitalizing scent of Citronella.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight /Piece
Shipping weight 0Kg
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UFI E741-H0WF-100S-1ER6
Barcode 5056422992688
Materials / Ingredients