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6x 100ml Room Spray - Vanilla Plantation - White Label

Product code: AWRSUL-03

Introducing our 100ml White Label Room Spray, a luxurious aromatic experience waiting to be customized and embraced by your brand! Crafted in the heart of Sheffield, these exquisite room sprays offer a delightful blend of premium vanilla fragrance, designed to elevate any space into a haven of tranquility.

Each 100ml room spray is meticulously housed in a sleek and durable aluminum bottle, exuding an air of sophistication and practicality. These bottles arrive label-free, providing you with the perfect canvas to infuse your brand's identity and creativity. Whether you're a boutique, retailer, or entrepreneur, this customizable option allows you to imprint your unique mark on a high-quality product.

Not just a fragrance, but an opportunity to immerse your brand in a world of customization and distinction. Elevate your product line, enhance your brand presence, and captivate your customers' senses with our 100ml White Label Room Spray—crafted in Sheffield with dedication and finesse, awaiting your personal touch. Unleash your brand's potential with this exquisite offering today.

Origin United Kingdom
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Shipping weight 0Kg
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UFI 2CW0-10PP-J006-4441
Barcode 5056422992626
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