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0,1 Sunflower Petals (KG)

Product code: RAWPF-02-100g
Price Units Price/Unit
100g 8,95 GBP 0,1 89,50 GBP/flowers
500g 28,40 GBP ½ 56,80 GBP/flowers
1kg 49,00 GBP 1 49,00 GBP/flowers
5kg 210,00 GBP 5 42,00 GBP/flowers

Discover the vibrant beauty of AW Aromatics' wholesale pure florals – "Sunflower Petals." Immerse yourself in the warmth and radiance of these all-natural, sun-kissed petals that have been carefully sourced and curated to enhance your aromatherapy and crafting experiences.

Available in convenient quantities of 100g, 500g, 1kg, and 5kg, our Sunflower Petals are perfect for businesses, artisans, and enthusiasts seeking the highest quality floral components. These petals are not only visually stunning but also exude a delightful, sweet scent that will elevate your creations.

Whether you're blending your crafting potpourri, or infusing oils, our Sunflower Petals are the key to adding a touch of nature's charm to your projects. They are free from additives, preservatives, and chemicals, ensuring that you receive only the purest botanical essence.

Explore the versatility of Sunflower Petals and bring their cheerful energy to your life. Experience the wholesomeness of these delicate blossoms, which can be used in a variety of applications, from bath products to candle-making. Their golden hues and pleasant fragrance will evoke the spirit of sunny summer days.

At AW Aromatics, we take pride in offering premium, ethically sourced botanicals to inspire your creativity. Add a dash of sunshine to your creations with our Sunflower Petals, and let the brilliance of nature shine through.

Order your Sunflower Petals today and indulge in the enchanting world of botanical craftsmanship, backed by AW Aromatics' commitment to quality and excellence.

Origin Australia
Net weight 1Kg /flowers
Shipping weight 0,1Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients