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½ Cocoa Butter (KG)

Product code: RAWM-04-500g
Price Units Price/Unit
500g £9.95 ½ £19.90/Kg
1Kg £15.50 1 £15.50/Kg
5Kg £58.95 5 £11.79/Kg
25Kg £250.00 25 £10.00/Kg

Discover Premium Wholesale Cocoa Butter – Your Essential Ingredient for Luxury Products

Welcome to your premier destination for high-quality wholesale cocoa butter, perfect for manufacturers, artisans, and businesses looking to infuse their products with the rich, nourishing benefits of cocoa. Extracted from the finest cocoa beans, our cocoa butter is the ideal ingredient for a wide range of applications in luxurious skincare products.

Product Overview Cocoa butter, with its velvety texture and enticing aroma, is celebrated for its moisturizing and emollient properties. Rich in natural antioxidants and fatty acids, it helps to hydrate the skin, improve elasticity, and offer protection against environmental stressors. 

Why Choose Our Cocoa Butter?

Superior Quality: Our cocoa butter is carefully extracted and refined to preserve its natural aroma and therapeutic properties, ensuring you receive a product that exceeds industry standards.

Versatility: Ideal for cosmetics, our cocoa butter can be used to make soothing lotions and balms 

Wholesale Quantities: Available in various bulk sizes to accommodate different business needs, ensuring optimal freshness and cost-effectiveness.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 1Kg /Kg
Shipping weight 0.5Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients