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10x Sleepy Lavender Massage Oil 100ml - White Label

Product code: MOLUL-11

From your customers point of view Massage Oils make excellent sense because to buy each of the individual oils to mix their own is expensive and time consuming. 

These Massage Oils are blended in Grape Seed Oil. You can even add a few drops to the bath.

Your Sleepy Lavender  Massage Oil is made with quality Lavender and Sweet Marjoram  Essential Oils and Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 0,14Kg /bottle
Shipping weight 0,111Kg
Dimensions 114x45x25 (mm), 0,128L, 1,092Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Lavender & Marjoram Essential Oils in Grapeseed Oil
CPNP 3610715
Barcode 5056422981811
Materials / Ingredients