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0 Tea Tree Fragrance Oil

Product code: FOKG-226-10ml
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10ml Tester £1.70 0 £170.00/Litre
50ml £3.75 0 £75.00/Litre
100ml £7.00 0.1 £70.00/Litre
500ml £22.50 ½ £45.00/Litre
1 Litre £35.00 1 £35.00/Litre
5 Litres £140.00 5 £28.00/Litre

Tea tree fragrance oil, like many essential oils, is often a single-note fragrance, meaning it primarily captures the characteristic scent of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Tea tree oil itself is known for its medicinal, herbaceous, and slightly camphoraceous aroma. While it may not exhibit the traditional top, middle, and base notes found in complex perfumes, you can still describe its fragrance in a simplified manner:

Top Note: The initial impression of the fragrance, capturing the immediate and potent characteristics of tea tree. This may include the herbaceous and medicinal qualities that are noticeable right away.

Middle Note: The body of the fragrance, representing the sustained herbaceous and medicinal aspects of tea tree. This note contributes to the overall perception of the fragrance as you continue to experience it.

Base Note: Tea tree oil doesn't typically have a strong base note in the traditional sense, as its fragrance tends to be more straightforward and doesn't undergo significant transformations over time. However, the lasting impression could be described as a milder version of the initial herbaceous and medicinal qualities.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 1Kg /Litre
Shipping weight 0.011Kg
Materials / Ingredients Parfum
Barcode 5056422994736
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