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12x Frosted Sugar Plum Room & Pillow Spray 100ml - White Label

Product code: XRPSUL-03

Wholesale White Label Frosted Sugar Plum Christmas Room & Pillow Spray: Capture the Sweet Magic of the Season

This fragrant masterpiece captures the essence of sugary sweet plums and winter berries. 

🍇 Top notes of plum & winter berries create a fruity, vibrant aroma that evokes the sweetness of ripe plums. 

🍬 A sugary sweet mix adds a delightful sweetness to the fragrance, reminiscent of sugary plum confections. 

🌰 Base notes of vanilla provide a warm and comforting undertone that lingers in the air.

Transform any space into a winter wonderland with the delightful scent of Frosted Sugar Plum. Spray it on pillows, in rooms, or on linens to infuse the atmosphere with the sweet and magical aroma of the season.

Elevate your inventory with the Wholesale Frosted Sugar Plum Christmas Room & Pillow Spray and offer your customers a delightful way to bring the magic of sugary plums into their homes. 

Order now and let the enchantment of Frosted Sugar Plum fill the air.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 0.2Kg /Bottle
Shipping weight 0Kg
Dimensions 14.3x4.3x4.3 (cm), 0.264L, 0.756Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients
UFI 8U22-501D-Q00H-86SF
Barcode 5056422992046
Materials / Ingredients