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Green Clay (KG)

Product code: RAWC-01
Price Units Price/Unit
1kg £17.00 1 £17.00/Kg
100g £2.70 0.1 £27.00/Kg
500g £11.00 ½ £22.00/Kg
5kg £60.00 5 £12.00/Kg

Experience the rejuvenating power of our Green Clay Face Mask Powder, available in bulk on AW Aromatics' website. Our all-natural, premium-grade green clay is a skincare secret that has been cherished for centuries. It is rich in minerals and boasts exceptional detoxifying and purifying properties, making it the ideal addition to your skincare routine.

How to Use:

  • Start by mixing the green clay powder with water or a liquid of your choice. You can use water for a simple blend, or get creative with options like rosewater, aloe vera gel, or honey for added benefits.
  • Create a smooth paste by gradually adding the liquid to the clay, stirring until you achieve a creamy consistency. Make sure to use a non-metallic bowl and utensils to avoid altering the clay's properties.
  • Apply the mask evenly to your clean, dry face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Allow it to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes, or until it starts to feel firm and slightly tight.
  • Gently rinse off the mask with warm water, using circular motions to exfoliate your skin as you remove it. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  • Follow up with your favorite moisturizer to keep your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Discover the natural beauty and revitalizing benefits of our Green Clay Face Mask Powder when you order in bulk from AW Aromatics. Your skin will thank you for the pampering it deserves.

Origin France
Net weight 1Kg /Kg
Shipping weight 1Kg
Materials / Ingredients Montmorillonite; Illite
Materials / Ingredients