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0 Parma Violet Fragrance Oil

Product code: FOKG-164-10ml
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10ml Tester £1.70 0 £170.00/KG
50ml £3.75 0 £75.00/KG
100ml £7.00 0.1 £70.00/KG
500ml £22.50 ½ £45.00/KG
1 Litre £35.00 1 £35.00/KG
5 Litres £140.00 5 £28.00/KG

Parma violet fragrance oil is often crafted to capture the sweet, powdery, and floral scent of Parma violets. While it may not follow the traditional structure of top, middle, and base notes as closely as complex perfumes, the fragrance can be described in terms of its key characteristics:

Top Notes: The initial impression typically includes the sweet and sugary notes that give Parma violet its distinctive aroma. This might involve a burst of floral sweetness with a powdery undertone.

Middle Notes: The body of the fragrance would likely maintain the sweet, powdery, and floral qualities, creating a well-rounded and harmonious scent profile. The middle notes contribute to the overall impression of the fragrance as you continue to experience it.

Base Notes: While Parma violet fragrance may not have a strong base note in the traditional sense, the lasting impression could be described as a milder and more subtle version of the initial sweet and floral qualities.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 1Kg /KG
Shipping weight 0Kg
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MSDS CLP Label - 10%
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