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½ Cypress Bulk Essential Oil

Product code: EOKG-23-0.5kg
Price Units Price/Unit
0.5kg 32,00 GBP ½ 64,00 GBP/kg
1kg 57,00 GBP 1 57,00 GBP/kg
5kg 255,00 GBP 5 51,00 GBP/kg

Latin Name : Cupressus Sempervirens.
Part Of Plant Used : Needles & Twigs
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation.

This Wholesale Cypress Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation fromthe Italian or Mediterranean cypress. The oil is taken from the needles and twigs of young branches of these trees made famous by the paintings of Van Gogh. Cypress essential oil is said to calm strong emotions like anger and is therefore useful to have during major changes in one's life. 

This essential oil works is being used to help with varicose veins and haemorrhoids. It is supposed to work well to ease all conditions of excess fluid such as heavy menstruation, excessive sweating, cough, bronchitis, haemorrhage, and fluid retention. Oil is being used in diffusers to soothe the mind as well as for any respiratory trouble like asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough.

Origin Spain
Net weight 1Kg /kg
Shipping weight 0,5Kg
Materials / Ingredients
MSDS IFRA Certificate
MSDS Allergen Declaration
Materials / Ingredients