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10x 'Breathe'' Aromatherapy Smelling Salt - White Label

Product code: SSaltUL-01

''Breathe'' Aromatherapy Smelling Salt include blend of essential oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor, Clove, Rosemary and Himalayan salt.

Our aromatherapy-smelling salts are sold in 10ml portable bottles filled with a mixture of aromatic substances intended to be inhaled for therapeutic purposes. They have been used for centuries as a natural remedy to provide relief from various conditions, including congestion, headaches, stress, and fatigue.

The process of using aromatherapy smelling salts is straightforward. When feeling congested or needing a refreshing burst of aroma, you open the bottle and gently inhale the scent. The aromatic molecules are believed to interact with the olfactory system, potentially promoting relaxation, reducing stress, or providing relief from certain respiratory issues.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 0,042Kg /Piece
Shipping weight 0Kg
Dimensions 6,2x2,4 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients
UFI VUY1-E0VH-0006-38D6
Materials / Ingredients