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0 Banana Flavour Oil

Product code: FLKG-15-30ml
Price Units Price/Unit
30g £5.50 0 £183.33/piece
100ml £11.50 0.1 £115.00/piece
500ml £35.00 ½ £70.00/piece
1L £58.50 1 £58.50/piece

AW Aromatics offers a delightful "Banana" wholesale Flavour Oil, perfect for crafting lip balms and adding a delicious banana aroma to your products. This high-quality flavoring ensures a luscious and authentic banana scent, enhancing the sensory experience of your lip balms. 

To ensure the safe and appropriate use of this flavor, it is essential to consult the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) document, which is readily available on this website. This document provides crucial information regarding recommended usage levels and potential restrictions, ensuring that your lip balms not only smell great but are also compliant with industry standards. Elevate your lip balm formulations with AW Aromatics' Banana flavor and make your products a hit among banana lovers.

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Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 1Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0.03Kg
Materials / Ingredients
MSDS IFRA Certificate
MSDS Allergen Declaration
Materials / Ingredients