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White Label Hand and Body Cosmetics - Fragranced - Starter Pack

Product code: fhb-stp

White Label Hand and Body lotions are designed to keep skin naturally smooth, leaving your hands feel nourished, protected and softly scented.

White Label Fragranced Hand and Body Washes are products designed to cleanse and nourish the skin while also providing a delightful and refreshing scent. 

Made in England, our lotions and washes come in a 300ML glass amber bottles.

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What's included :

24 x 300ml Hand and Body Lotions - White Label

FHBLUL-01 / 4x Ginger & Orange Lotion 300ml

FHBLUL-02 / 4x Blackberry & Almond Lotion 300ml

FHBLUL-03 / 4x Mango & Lime Lotion 300ml 

FHBLUL-04 / 4x Raspberry & Pomegranate Lotion 300ml 

FHBLUL-05 / 4x Coconut & lemon Lotion 300ml 

FHBLUL-06 / 4x Sandalwood Silk Lotion 300ml 

24 X 300ml Hand and Body Washes - White Label

FHBWUL-01 / 4x Ginger, Orange Hand & Body Wash 300ml  

FHBWUL-02 /4x Blackberry, Almond Hand & Body Wash 300ml 

FHBWUL-03 / 4x Mango, Lime Hand & Body Wash 300ml 

FHBWUL-04 / 4x Raspberry, Pomegranate Hand & Body Wash 300ml 

FHBWUL-05 / 4x Coconut, Lemon Hand & Body Wash 300ml 

FHBWUL-06 / 4x  Sandalwood Silk Hand & Body Wash 300ml

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Shipping weight 23.25Kg
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Materials / Ingredients