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½ Palmarosa Bulk Essential Oil

Product code: EOKG-36-0.5kg
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0.5kg £29.00 ½ £58.00/kg
1kg £51.00 1 £51.00/kg
5kg £200.00 5 £40.00/kg

Latin Name : Cymbopogon Martinii
Part Of Plant Used : Grass
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

 Palmarosa Essential Oil has a rose-like scent that makes it a beautiful addition to your essential oil collection. It is an essential oil known for its natural skin benefits.

Palmarosa is one of nature’s star upholders of skin health. It regulates skin moisture and oil production and is therefore useful for both dry and oily skin. This is the reason why is Palmarosa oil added into skin products as soaps, creams etc. Offering cell renewal benefits, palmarosa essential oil nourishes and restores skin health and harmony. It is also known for its ability to rejuvenate tired, sore feet, so it makes a great foot soak.

Having both calming and uplifting effects, it is a tonic for the heart and mind. It supports deep sleep, uplifts, calms and settles the mood, and provides comfort and support for feminine cycles. At the same time, it supports a healthy wellness response rendering palmarosa adept at helping speed recovery time during the challenging winter season. Cooling and moistening in essence, palmarosa can offer relief from the mental afflictions of insecurity, grief, or defensiveness.

Origin India
Net weight 1Kg /kg
Shipping weight 0.5Kg
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