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Brand Distribution with Drop Shipping  (coming soon)

We can help you develop your own brand. Once you have created a range of products you will probably already have your own means of distribution. But at AW you will also have access at preferential rates to the AW Drop-shipping service.  

How it works.. You will need an account with  - this operates from the AW distribution warehouse at Affinity Park, Sheffield, not for from AW-Aromatics. We can deliver your stock to there free of charge. Then basically there is a small monthly storage charge depending on the number of pallet spaces your stock occupies. When you login to, you will see (for your eyes only) your products and be able have them shipped to your customers as and when you make sales. There is a simple transparent picking and shipping charge. 

It is possible if you use Shopify to connect an API so the whole process can be automated.

Taking it a step further, we can help you export your products to Europe, where they can be stored in one of our EU distribution warehouses and using the same drop shipping system you can market and sell within the EU.

NB this function is not yet available - we expect to introduce it mid 2021