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AW Aromatics - Bespoke Products

AW Aromatics is the home of Ancient Wisdom handmade soaps, bath bombs and aromatherapy products. If you are looking for bespoke aromatic products (private label products) we can help you. Manufacturing in Sheffield, Yorkshire for over twenty years. Our range of essential oils and fragrances are considered the best in Europe having evolved, tested and improved over many years. Against animal testing, most products vegan friendly, ethically traded for twenty years. You can put your trust in AW Aromatics.

You can have input to make a unique product specifically for your brand.  Aroma's or fragrances, colours, packaging can be changed to suit your project. Start by selecting the type of product from our departments: 

- Bath Bombs & Salts

- Soaps & Shampoos

- Aromatherapy & Fragrance

Then contact us on chat to discuss contract details. Together we can make beautiful things happen.

Are you thinking about your bespoke product, we will need some information from you :) 

The Bath Bombs

- size / weight of the bath bomb

- shape of the bath bomb 

- fragrance : essential oils / fragrance oils / oils supplied by customer

- colour

- amount 

- packaging: our plain packaging  /customer packaging 

- individually shrink wrapped product y/n

- labels supplied by customer y/n

The Bath Salts

- Himalayan bath salts / aromatherapy bath salts

- essential oils in blend 

- florals / dried flowers y/n

- packaging: bulk 25kg buckets / packaging supplied by customer

- labels supplied by customer y/n

Melt & Pour Soaps, Cold Pressed Soaps

- melt and pour soap / cold press soap

- ingredients

- colour

- florals / dried flowers y/n

- packaging: our plain packaging / customer packaging

- labels supplied by customer y/n

Aromatherapy & Fragrances

- essential oils blends : types of oils, percentage of oils in the blend, how the blend will be used, MOQ 5l

- reed diffusers blends: types of oils, percentage of oils in the blend MOQ 5l

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ) for bespoke products?

Each product on our website has a minimum order quantity (MOQ).  The MOQ is based on a materials design and labour, meaning MOQ can vary. We cannot provide estimates on our website so your MOQ will be confirmed at the time of enquiry. 

Will a bespoke product cost more than the standard item?

While we will always do our best to work towards your budget, custom products can be more expensive than our standard off-the-shelf products. The price mostly depends on the quantity, the materials costs, labour.

What is the lead time for bespoke products?

Our lead times for bespoke products range from one week to up three weeks, depends on the quantity, complexity of the order,