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Bath Bomb Making

Bath bombs are easier to make than you may think. Not only are they easy, but they make fabulous gifts for anyone in your life that enjoys a quick "spa" treatment at home! They can quickly be personalized for each recipient on your list. How great is that?

What is a basic bath bomb recipe?.....

1 - Bicarbonate of Soda

2 - Citric Acid

3 - Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil

4 - Cosmetic Grade Dye

You could also try adding; pure florals, body butters, Epson salts, Himalayan salts etc.

Luckily for you we have a whole range of products you can include!

Liquid Ingredients

Fragrance and Essential Oils and Flavours

Dry Ingredients

Here  you can choose from  the most popular citric acid and bicarb and colours flowers  

Citric and Bicarb are two of the main components!

25x Sack of 1kg Sack Citric acid anhyd 30-100
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25x Sack of 1kg Novacarb Sodium Bicarb
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You can now buy a Bath Bomb Production Pack!

Bath Bomb Production Pack (2 to 1 Bicarb & Citric)
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