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Hi there! We want to make things as simple and easy as possible for you, we want to take the stress off your shoulders. Using your time to search and search for each product you may need is time-consuming and can be frustrating, so to try to make the whole process simpler we have put together a page where you can find different products and all the components you need to make them (each with many options so the product is still your unique creation)

Reed Diffusers

how to make a Reed Diffuser


Reed Diffusers use solvent or alcohol-based diluents for their fragrances, together with 'technical grade' colours (if applicable). Keep diffuser reed products away from babies and young children. They are NOT cosmetic grade products and should NOT be used in  products for skin application or internal use Reed diffusers are extremely popular, attractive ways of perfuming a room. Very simple to make, you can save a lot of money simply 'assembling' your reed diffuser yourself.


1. A suitable glass bottle

2. Enough fragrance oil to 1/4 fill your bottle.

3. Suitable diluent to fill the remaining 3/4 of your bottle

4. Suitably sized reed 'wicks' (6-10 ideally).

Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs

What can I use as a bath bomb mould?

You can use anything flexible as a mould for your bath bombs, so have fun looking around your home for things you could use. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Silicone Cupcake Cases          Easter Egg Packaging

Biscuit Cutters                           Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Plastic Toy Packaging


Bicarbonate of Soda

• Citric Acid

• Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil

• Cosmetic Grade Dye

You could also try adding; pure florals, body butters, Epson salts, Himalayan salts etc.